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Reflectors with your own logo

Sharing Coreflect reflectors is a socially responsible act.

Coreflect reflectors are ideal promotional gifts for corporations or organizations, researchers, schools, associations, banks, insurance companies, hospitals, sports clubs, charities, etc. who have a direct interest in the health and road safety of their customers and stakeholders. In this way, these institutions and companies are aligned with Corporate Social Responsibility regarding the road safety of their citizens and customers.

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Advertising with Social Responsibility is much appreciated

Hard safety reflectors can be digitally printed and personalized in one or more colors with your logo, trademark, company name, or message and used as a promotional tool, fundraising product or giveaway. We invite you to join us in preventing and minimizing pedestrian injuries and fatalities to your customers, communities, or neighbors in your city while promoting your company's message.

Due to its image and quality, Coreflect is the most valued safety reflector used in promotional campaigns.

10 Candy colors and a wide range of well-designed shapes, all EN 13356 certified.

Up to 17 different forms are available for this type of campaign.

reflectros shines when light hits

Examples of reflectors made for promotion campaigns

  • Up to 30% of the area can be printed due to the high CIL values.

  • ​Colors are printed as required by clients' brand guidelines, and text is easy to read.

  • Quality digital printing allows small details.

Safety Reflector Finland tends to cooperate with selected promotional wholesalers who are able to print in house or with subcontractors who also keep reasonable COREFLECT stock. These COREFLECT manufacturing partners print the required logos locally and deliver through promotional companies only. Stock items are available in reasonably short delivery times and costs.


Examples of COREFLECT manufacturing partners: Suomen Sterlington Oy, Plastprint AB, MBW, HEPLA

Want to become COREFLECT manufacturing partner? Let us know more about your company. 

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