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Code of Conduct / Safety Reflector Finland Oy


Dear colleague

Our mission is to reduce pedestrian accidents and the resulting health and economic harm for both consumers and societies. Our vision is to be the number one choice for serious means to increase pedestrian visibility in urban areas. Simultaneously, we show the way in sustainability in the industry. We want to be a responsible organization that cares for the people, their happiness and the planet we live on.

All of us shall demonstrate Safety Reflector Finland´s core values in our daily work: constant improvement through innovation, professional implementation, respectful teamwork, and sustainable and responsible development. Our operations are also guided by laws, regulations and guidelines as well as good governance principles.


Every day, all of us at Safety Reflector Finland together are responsible for the sustainable operations and reputation of Safety Reflector Finland. This means that regardless of the situation, we should demonstrate ethics and high morale.


Everyone at Safety Reflector Finland has the right and duty to understand our principles and act in accordance with them. The principles in the Code of Conduct also communicate how we treat each other in the working community. We also expect our suppliers and partners to follow laws and good business practices in all their activities regarding Safety Reflector Finland.


This Code of Conduct helps us to recognize situations where it is good to stop and think – and perhaps consult fellow colleagues. The document helps us to navigate through our workdays. I encourage all of us and those working with us to use their judgement and prevent problem situations before they arise. By identifying possible problems, we can develop our shared ways of doing the right way.


I trust that you all share my view that as we work together in accordance with this Code of Conduct, we can continue to be proud of our work and the Safety Reflectors of Finland brands. Please use this Code of Conduct as a working tool in your everyday work. Let’s continue to make everyday life safe and happy for pedestrians – in a sustainable way, with high ethics.


Jutta Vainio

Managing director

Safety Reflector Finland Oy

Principles guiding our Code of Conduct
Principles guiding our Code of Conduct

Safety Reflector Finland operates internationally, and our operations are subject to various international and national laws and regulations. We comply with all laws and regulations applicable to our operations. However, our way to conduct business goes beyond that: high ethical standards and morale with the spirit of integrity are present in everything we do.


Key principles describing the way we work are:

  • We work hard to meet our customers’ and consumers’ expectations every day.

  • We are committed to develop our employees, showing respect and promoting health and safety.

  • We strive to minimize our impact on the environment and actively promote sustainability.

  • We believe in development through continuous improvement. At Safety Reflector Finland, we honor human and labor rights and international labor standards, as defined by the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and the core conventions of the International Labor Organization. We comply with and expect our suppliers and partners to comply with the amfori BSCI Code of Conduct.


The Code of Conduct applies to everybody at Safety Reflector Finland. It defines the key principles on how we engage in business, treat each other and safeguard Safety Reflector Finland´s assets, among other things. This means that all Safety Reflector Finland employees, management and members of the Board of Directors must adhere to the principles and requirements set in this Code of Conduct in addition to complying with local legislation and regulations. If any of the requirements set in this Code of Conduct differ from legal requirements, the more stringent requirement must be applied. Thus, whether you are a part-time, temporary or permanent employee, a trainee or an executive – the Code of Conduct applies to you.


Safety Reflector Finland´s values create the foundation for our Code of Conduct:

  • Constant improvement through innovation

  • Professional implementation

  • Respectful teamwork

  • Sustainable and responsible development

Exemplary business Principles
Exemplary business Principles

Our business principles are based on ethics and high morale. This is of utmost importance to us in every area of our business: in the way we work within our organization and together with our partners. We act honestly and with integrity in all situations. We maintain our independence and do not owe favors. And, when making decisions, we consider the interests of Safety Reflector Finland, our employees, customers, shareholders and society.

Anti-corruption and bribery

We have zero tolerance for all corruption or bribery in any form, and we require the same from all our partners and suppliers. Bribes can be explicit, such as direct gifts or money, or hidden, like unusual discounts or free services.


Business gifts and hospitality must always be within reasonable limits, have a specific and legitimate business purpose and comply with our practices.


In interactions with authorities, government officials and decision-makers, we follow our Code of Conduct as well as EU regulations and national regulations of our operating countries and do not unjustly influence such parties.


Anti-money laundering

Money laundering means that the origin of money or other assets, which has been obtained through criminal means, is hidden. We follow all laws that prohibit money laundering and financing for illegal or unauthorized purposes. We never approve, support or make money laundering easier through our own actions, and we take actions to prevent our financial transactions from being used by others to launder money.


Collaboration in the value chain

Safety Reflector Finland collaborates only with responsible partners and suppliers. Our collaboration relations are carried out in accordance with our principles and in a transparent way. We expect our partners and suppliers to comply with laws and regulations and our principles of protecting human rights, promoting fair and safe employment conditions as well as responsible management of environmental issues and standards. Suppliers of Safety Reflector Finland must always comply with national legislation in the countries in which they operate. We comply with and require our partners to comply with the amfori BSCI Code of Conduct and its 11 principles:


  • The rights of freedom of association and collective bargaining

  • No discrimination

  • Fair remuneration

  • Decent working hours

  • Occupational health and safety

  • No child labor

  • Special protection for young workers

  • No precarious employment

  • No bonded labor

  • Protection of the environment

  • Ethical business behavior


Fair competition

We conduct our business fairly and compete always in accordance with applicable laws, regulations and internal guidelines: we do not use unlawful or unethical methods in competition. We do not participate in any way in activities that might restrict or discourage competition, and we operate ethically within the framework of competition laws and regulations that apply in the markets where Safety Reflector Finland operates.


Conflicts of interest

All our decisions and business transactions are in the best interest of Safety Reflector Finland, and they are not to be based on our own interests or those of our related parties. We identify conflicts of interest and refrain from making decisions that involve or may involve a conflict of interest.

Employees, management and members of the Board of Directors must not participate in financial or business-related activities that could potentially involve a conflict of interest between Safety Reflector Finland and their own personal or related party interests.

All directorships, employments or other assignments held or carried out by Safety Reflector Finland employees and members of the Board of Directors in other companies that have, or that may be expected to have, commercial relations with Safety Reflector Finland, must be approved by Safety Reflector Finland.

Safety and well-being at work
Safety and well-being at work

We are committed to developing our employees, showing respect, and promoting health and safety. Safety and well-being are a top priority for Safety Reflector Finland.

Everyone within Safety Reflector Finland has a shared responsibility for creating a good and safe work environment with motivated employees who enjoy their workplace. We value effective and clear communication, give and seek feedback, show determination and take responsibility.


Safety is a priority

All our employees have a duty to follow work and safety instructions, as well as instruct colleagues on them as needed. We require that all our suppliers and partners commit to our safety principles and safe ways of working.

Our goal is to prevent accidents and reduce absences due to sickness. We work towards this and a positive safety culture together. Managers have an important role and responsibility in promoting well-being and preventing ill-health.

We invest in training and professional development and follow up on continuous competence development through job satisfaction interviews and personnel development plans. We also encourage all our employees to proactively develop their competencies.


Equal and fair workplace

We treat each other with respect, appreciation and fairness. We value respectful teamwork and the unique abilities and skills that each of our employees has. We do not tolerate any form of abuse, harassment, insulting behavior or bullying.


We do not accept discrimination of any kind towards our colleagues, partners or customers based on gender, age, race, religion, sexual orientation, disability, background or similar factors. As an employer, we take equality and diversity into account in all aspects, including recruiting, promotions, compensation and training.


Harmful use of substances

Our overall goal is to strive for a healthy and safe work environment and never to accept abuse of controlled substances. It is not allowed to be under the influence of alcohol, drugs or similar at work. As an employer, Safety Reflector Finland cooperates in preventing misuse and intervening in the event of suspected or discovered harmful use of drugs or alcohol.

Safeguarding, assets and knowledge
Safeguarding SAFETY REFLECTOR FINLAND’s assets and knowledge

Our brands are among Safety Reflector Finland’s key assets. We do everything we can to protect the brands and their inherent value, both commercial and in relation to our stakeholders.


Company assets

We all use Safety Reflector Finland’s assets and resources honestly and efficiently, and only for purposes that are necessary for our business and daily work. We understand that all the assets and resources are assigned to advancing Safety Reflector Finland’s business objectives.


We also protect the company’s property from theft, disappearance, damage and misuse. Property includes both physical property, such as premises, equipment, machinery, raw materials and final products, as well as immaterial property, such as confidential information, immaterial rights and information systems.


At Safety Reflector Finland, we never use company assets or resources for any unlawful, non-compliant or unethical purpose or to support political activities. We also do not tolerate illegal use of other parties’ property as part of our business.


Confidential information

The information we receive on Safety Reflector Finland in our work is the company’s property, and we do not share it with other parties. We respect the confidentiality requirements of new colleagues, and do not pressure them into sharing information about their former employer.


The foundation for long-term and successful relationships with our customers and partners is based on integrity and trust, and the confidentiality requirement extends also to information obtained from our suppliers and other business partners, which has to be managed diligently and in accordance with applicable laws and agreements.


We also always respect our competitors’ intellectual property and confidential information, and do not share commercially sensitive information with competitors.

Sales, marketing and communications
Sales, marketing and communications

Our goal is to make everyday life enjoyable. We aim for long-term stakeholder relationships and see that reliable and relevant content plays a key role in that context and supports Safety reflector Finland’s credibility and trust among our stakeholders.


Safe and high-quality products

We produce functional, safe, high-quality and long-lasting safety reflectors that make everyday life safer and ease our minds as parents of small children. The products we manufacture are meant to last for years and even decades. We work hard to meet our customers’ and consumers’ expectations every day.


Products intended to come into contact with food are tested in accredited test labs and comply with EU regulations concerning food contact.


Communications principles

The key principles of our communications are openness, timeliness, reliability and consistency. Our financial reporting must follow the laws and regulations that govern companies in Finland.


The objective of Safety Reflector Finland’s communications is to ensure that all market participants have simultaneously and without delay access to equal, sufficient and substantial information on the material and product factors relating to Safety Reflector Finland and its business.


We do not comment on our competitors’ affairs, nor do we speculate or comment on market rumors.


Truthful marketing

In all our marketing, we are responsible, thoughtful and accurate. We present our products truthfully in all marketing and communication materials. In no situations are false claims to be made.


Designated spokespersons

Our employees have full freedom of speech, but we all understand that public comments by Safety Reflector Finland personnel are easily connected with the company. Thus, we avoid situations where we could harm the reputation of Safety Reflector Finland or our brands.


Regarding giving public statements to media, for example, only designated spokespersons may give interviews or similar on behalf of Safety Reflector Finland on our business.


Sponsoring and charity

Safety Reflector Finland carefully selects possible areas of charity to invest in that are benefiting the community, the environment, the employees or selected important causes.

Safety Reflector Finland does not engage in supporting any political, racial or religious causes of any kind.

Minimising our environmental impacts
Minimising our environmental impacts

Safety Reflector Finland’s reputation for sustainability is a vital business asset, and it depends on the commitment of all our people to act in accordance with our ambitious sustainability strategy.

We strive to minimize our impact on the environment and actively promote sustainability in all our actions throughout the production and supply chains. We have made a commitment to show the way in sustainability in our business area and support the UN Sustainable Development Goals. In our decision making, we consider environmental aspects proactively.


Safety Reflector Finland produces long-lasting and high-quality products with timeless design. We want our products to be used year after year for decades. At the end of their lifecycle, the products can either be recycled or used as a source of energy.


Our key environmental principles are:

  • Minimizing the resources used

  • Using recyclable materials

  • Decreasing logistics distances


Responsible materials

Our hard safety reflectors don´t just have optimized visibility values but the raw material is sparingly used and is recyclable.  This applies to the final product, too, which is made for life for many meanings.


All other components such as packing, and display materials and services are sourced from companies that respect Safety Reflector Finland´s environmental principles.


Responsible production and logistics

Our products are designed to be as efficient as possible to produce in order to consume less energy. Our factory is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified. The ISO 14001 certification guarantees that our environmental management is at its best and that we strive to minimize our environmental footprint. At our factory in Finland our two main environmental targets are to reduce the use of electricity and to lower the scrap rate.


Meaningful and respectful cooperation with disabled people

Safety Reflector Finland cooperates with work centers who offer rehabilitative employment services for people in different life situations. The strong production activities of the work center enable versatile and meaningful work activities under the guidance of professionals. The aim of the activity is to develop people's working life skills, life management and professional skills, as well as to improve opportunities for employment in the open labor market. We are grateful and proud of their work input.

Consider, ask and address misconduct

When assessing a business transaction or decision, think before you act:

  • Does a business transaction or decision comply with the law?

  • Does it adhere to our values and ways of working?

  • Do you think it has been carried out in a right and objective manner?

  • Should the matter become public, what kind of impression would it create of our operations?


It is important to understand that failure to adhere to the principles presented in our Code of Conduct or non-compliance with legislation can expose Safety Reflector Finland to severe reputational risks or to legal or regulatory consequences. Therefore, any breaches of the Code of Conduct must be reported and rectified without delay. Breaches of the Code of Conduct can lead to corrective or disciplinary action.


How to report possible violations?

Report any suspicion or knowledge of violations of our Code of Conduct immediately. All reports will be taken seriously and handled with strict confidence. If you wish to ask for advice or report activities in violation of our Code of Conduct, you may turn to your supervisor or the company’s CEO.

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