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Safety reflector is essential in road safety for pedestrians.


A pedestrian safety reflector is a product that is attached to outer clothing or to bags and strollers.

When a car's headlights shine on the reflector, the reflector reflects light to the driver's eyes. This increases the pedestrian's visibility e.g. while crossing the street and reduces the chance of being hit by a moving vehicle! In the dark, a driver can barely see a pedestrian without a reflector.


Become a reseller

Do you want to resell responsible products that can prevent many traffic accidents that happen to pedestrians?
We produce wide variety of retail ready safety reflectors within displays for retail wholesalers. Reflectors are printed with numerous designs and figures.

Get to know how we can customize these safety reflectors for your needs! Let us guide you.

COREFLECT is EU made safety reflector.

Reflectors with your own logo

Sharing Coreflect reflectors is a socially responsible act.

We are a bulk safety reflector supplier for promotional wholesale companies, most of them stock, print and single pack locally.

Car Lights

What is a pedestrian safety reflector and how it works?

Safety reflector is essential in road safety for pedestrians. We have listed the most important benefits just for you.

A good investment

Our safety reflectors guarantee significant visibility for years - without the use of batteries.

We differentiate from competition with high reflectivity values and pure polystyrene raw material which can be reused. Also, since 2021, production processes are powered by solar energy plant.


Us in the media

Safety reflector is the cheapest life insurance on the market.
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